A big Wolseley welcome to Lyris!

The Wolseley Wellness Centre is very please to welcome Lyris Short-Goetzke to the fantastic team of RMTs practicing at the WWC!

Lyris comes to us with strong background in therapeutic massage, as she began practicing Massage Therapy in 2007 when she graduated from the Massage Therapy College of Manitoba.   She currently specializes in relaxation massage, Lymph Drainage Therapy, and pregnancy massage, and believes that a therapist must listen with her ears and her hands in order to give effective treatments. She also believes that therapeutic massage includes relaxation so that the body can accept changes, and relaxation massage is therapeutic in today’s busy lifestyles.  In addition to practicing massage therapy, Lyris is an active parent with two young children.

Clients say that Lyris has a knack for finding the right spots with her intuitive approach.  She is also open for booking Monday afternoons and evenings, so book an appointment and find out for yourself!